English Writing Courses

English Writing Courses

Introductory Writing

Learn how to develop ideas for writing, improve sentence and paragraph structure and develop western-style writing techniques.

Terms: 4 weeks
Prerequisite: Level 8+

Intermediate Writing

Develop essay writing skills, develop descriptive writing techniques, and increase and improve vocabulary.

Terms: 4 weeks
Prerequisite: Level 8+ (pass Writing 1)

Advanced Writing

Develop writing skills to prepare for university level essay writing.

Terms: 4 weeks
Prerequisite: Level 8+ (pass Writing 2)

University Preparation Courses

At Vancouver english schools, University Preparation programs have been carefully developed to help you improve your test score in a systematic and efficient manner and to prepare yourself to attend a college or university in North America by improving your Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and other specific skills and techniques.

General English Courses

  • Listening
  • Morning Conversation
  • Pop Culture
  • Pronunciation
  • Survival English
  • Think in English

Business English Courses

  • Business Basics
  • Business Grammar and Writing
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Job Skills
  • Marketing
  • Power Speaking
  • TOEIC Test Preparation

Special English Programs

  • Vancouver Internship Program(VIP)
  • TEFL Certificate Program
  • Ski / Snowboard and English Program
  • Summer Children’s Program
  • Vacation Study Program