TOEIC Test Preparation in Canada

TOEIC Test Preparation in Canada

Preparation Programs help students achieve high TOEIC scores. The Preparation Program is suitable for students who have at least an upper-intermediate English language level and want to take the TOEIC Test in Canada. The Preparation Program is not suitable for students who do not require TOEIC training or TOEIC certificates.

TOEIC in Canada

Preparation Program is an elective. The tuition and schedule are the same as other language courses, so you can transfer into or out of Preparation Programs. Unlike language tests that focus on academic English, the TOEIC test measures English language proficiency in real-life and business situations.
Prerequisite: Level 8+

Preparation for the TOEIC Test

Review English grammar, build vocabulary and develop reading and listening skills.
Learn TOEIC test strategies while enhancing your English listening comprehension, reading and grammar skills. Practice TOEIC tests are included.

The TOEIC Test in Canada

TOEIC Canada

In Canada, TOEIC is administered by TOEIC Services Canada Inc. TOEFL, TOEIC and TSE are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS). This website is not endorsed or approved by ETS. Visit the official TOEIC website.

University Preparation

University Preparation programs have been carefully developed to help you improve your test score in a systematic and efficient manner and to prepare yourself to attend a college or university in North America by improving your Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and other specific skills and techniques.

General English Courses

  • Listening
  • Morning Conversation
  • Pop Culture
  • Pronunciation
  • Survival English
  • Think in English

Business English Courses

  • Business Basics
  • Business Grammar and Writing
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Job Skills
  • Marketing
  • Power Speaking

Special English Programs

  • Vancouver Internship Program (VIP)
  • TEFL Certificate Program
  • Ski / Snowboard and English Program
  • Summer Children’s Program
  • Vacation Study Program