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English Courses & Programs in Canada

We know you have unique language abilities. Our system will assess your written and oral capabilities, so that you will be placed in an appropriate level for each skill. If you are in the perfect level, you will learn quickly.

English Courses

Our English courses are carefully planned and administered to eliminate unnecessary repetition. We normally have 40 to 50 classes, divided into 14 levels. Our special English Language Level System will allow you to go into separate English conversation and grammar classes, depending on your ability in each of these language skills.

As well as our Core ESL Program, we offer many Elective Courses
for special purposes. Some elective courses are Listening,
Pronunciation, Writing, Business English, and Power Speaking.

TOEFL Test Preparation

Undergo your TOEFL test preparation in Vancouver Canada. The VEC TOEFL Preparation Program will help you will learn important TOEFL test strategies, while enhancing your reading, writing and grammar skills. You will also have ample opportunity to complete practice TOEFL tests in our state-of-the-art computer labs.

TOEIC Test Preparation

VEC is the leading centre for TOEIC test preparation in Vancouver Canada. Our TOEIC Preparation Program helps students achieve high TOEIC scores. It does not focus on general English language skills. There are 3 levels.

VEC offers official TOEIC testing to VEC students. Students who are currently enrolled in a VEC program can sign-up to take the official TOEIC test. VEC typically offers the official TOEIC test once per 4-week session. Each student who completes an official TOEIC test at VEC receives an official TOEIC score report.

IELTS Test Preparation

VEC offers three levels of IELTS test preparation. The VEC IELTS Preparation Program will help you improve your IELTS test score, while developing your English language skills.

Vacation Study Program

Improve your English skills while exploring beautiful Vancouver. Our Vacation Study Program combines morning classes with afternoon sightseeing activities. This program is a package, with one fee that includes Tuition, Homestay, Airport Reception, and most Activities.

Other Courses and Programs

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