Homestays in Vancouver Canada

Homestays in Vancouver Canada

Enjoy the Vancouver lifestyle in a homestay with a Canadian host family. In Vancouver, homestay accommodation is fun, safe, and inexpensive. For only CAD$31 per night, you will have a private room and three daily meals at your Canadian homestay.

Your Vancouver homestay

Vancouver English Centre has thousands of host families that meet the various needs of our homestay students. We will arrange a homestay to suit your personal preferences. For example, if you request a North Vancouver homestay with pets and children, we will match you with such a homestay.

Homestays in Vancouver and North Vancouver

Homestays are usually in Vancouver and North Vancouver. You will enjoy a homestay in a quiet, safe area, close to transit and amenities. Transit in Vancouver and North Vancouver is very good. You will find it easy to travel from your homestay to school. Click here for a map of Vancouver Canada.

Vancouver Homestay fees

Although Vancouver homestays are generally considered inexpensive, Vancouver English Centre does everything possible to reduce homestay costs even more for you. Our one-time Homestay Placement Fee is only CAD$200. Our Full Board Homestay Fee is CAD$31 per night. This includes all meals and household expenses.

Homestays for everyone in Vancouver Canada

At Vancouver English Centre, we encourage all students to live in homestays with local Vancouver families. Although most of the homestays we arrange are for our own students, we are pleased to help other people who are studying or working in Vancouver find homestay accommodation. If you would like a homestay in Vancouver, just go to our Vancouver English Centre Admissions page and complete an online application for admission. If you do not want to register for a course, just mention this in the “Comments” field on the form.

Apartments & student residences in Vancouver Canada

Although most students in Vancouver live in homestays, we also arrange hotels, furnished apartments, or student residences if necessary.

Hotels in Vancouver Canada

There are many fine hotels in Vancouver and its surrounding suburbs of Richmond, Burnaby, and North Vancouver. See our Directory of Vancouver Hotels.