English Language Level System

English Language Level System

English courses are carefully planned and administered to eliminate unnecessary repetition. They usually have 45 to 50 classes, divided into 15 levels. When you start at english school, you will be given an oral and written exam.

Separate Levels for Grammar and Communication

Based on your exam results, you will be placed in one level for grammar classes, and perhaps a different level for your communication classes. We know that each student has unique language skills and needs. The system assesses your written and oral abilities, so you are placed in the correct level for each skill. This helps you to learn quickly.

1Intro Beginner
2Lower Beginner
3Middle Beginner
4Upper Beginner
5Higher Beginner
6Lower Intermediate
7Middle Intermediate
8Upper Intermediate
9Higher Intermediate
10Lower Advanced
11Middle Advanced
12Upper Advanced
13Higher Advanced

You can determine your approximate level by taking the free online English test.