Study Permits (Student Visas) in Canada

Study Permits (Student Visas) in Canada

Study Permits (student visas) are not required for English language courses that last 6 months or less. People from some countries, however, need Temporary Resident Permits (visitor visas).

Applying for a Student Visa in Canada

In Canada, there are specific terms for visitor visas, students visas and work visas. It is easier to understand visa application instructions if you know the visa terms. They are as follows:

  • In Canada, a visitor visa is called a Temporary Residents Visa.
  • In Canada, a student visa is called a Study Permit.
  • In Canada, a work visa is called a Work Permit.

If you need a Study Permit (student visa), you can apply at one of the CIC Canada visa offices, before coming to Canada. You cannot obtain a Study Permit in Canada. You must obtain your student visa before you come to Canada.

Letters of Acceptance for Visas in Canada

First, you need a Letter of Acceptance from the school. We will send a Letter of Acceptance to you, after we receive your application form and tuition fees. Keep this letter to apply for your Study Permit at the visa office. Click here for the application procedure.

Letters of Explanation for Visas in Canada

Although a Study Permit is not required for a program that is less than 24 weeks in length, it is sometimes good to obtain one anyway. If you want to extend your program after your arrival to Canada, for example, you should obtain a Study Permit in your home country because it is not possible to change from visitor status to student status from within Canada. If you request a Study Permit for a short program, you should include a Letter of Explanation, which will explain why you need a Study Permit.

The Letter of Explanation explains why you will visit Canada and how the trip will fit into your long-term plans. For example, someone might explain that she has recently graduated from high school and now wants to improve her English in Canada, so that she can study at a Canadian university.

Medical Examinations for Visas in Canada

People with programs of 20 weeks or longer must sometimes have medical examinations. It can take one to three months for the Canadian government to process a medical examination report before approving a Study Permit. If you cannot wait that long it is best to apply for a 16-week program. The Study Permit can be extended after you come to Canada