Vancouver living costs

Vancouver living costs

It’s possible to live comfortably in Vancouver for CAD$1100 per month. At CAD$750 per month, a VEC homestay would cover most of your basic expenses. Of course, it’s also possible to spend much more. The information below will give you an idea of what you can expect.

Transportation costs in Vancouver

Vancouver has a good public transit system. Most students use public transit.

It is usually the cheapest and easiest to buy a monthly pass. This pass will allow you to ride on all forms of transit, including buses, the SkyTrain, and the SeaBus.

There are three transit zones. If you live in Zone 1, the monthly cost is CAD$91. Most students, however, live in Zone 2, which is CAD$124 per month.

Entertainment costs in Vancouver

It typically costs up to CAD$20 for a ticket and snack at a movie theater. Major sports events and concerts can cost CAD$15 to CAD$60. There are a lot of fun free activities in Vancouver though, so you can probably have a good time for under CAD$200 per month. See our Vancouver activities pages for more detailed information.

Food costs in Vancouver

All meals are included with VEC homestays. If you will be living in an apartment, you should plan to spend CAD$250 to CAD$300 per month for food.

Medical costs in Vancouver

You will not have any expenses for emergency medical care, as long as you have good insurance. At CAD$60 per month, VEC medical insurance covers all normal costs, including prescription drugs and ambulances.

Medical costs for uninsured visitors to Canada can be very expensive though. Consequently, it is important to have good medical insurance.

Apartment rental costs in Vancouver

Average monthly apartment rents in Vancouver are as follows:

  • Bachelor Apartment: CDN $700 – $900
  • One-bedroom Apartment: CDN $800 – $1100
  • Two-bedroom Apartment: CDN $1100 – $1400
  • Three-bedroom Apartment: CDN $1300 or more

Lower rates for long-term students

If you pay for 12 weeks or more of tuition, you will receive a reduced tuition rate. If you later extend your program for any length of time, you will be entitled to pay your tuition at the currently reduced 12-week, 24-week, or 33-week rate. This also applies if you leave school and return.

Reduced tuition for permanent residents of BC

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Fees are quoted in Canadian dollars. The Canadian dollar is quite low, in relation to many other currencies. A Canadian dollar is worth approximately 98 US cents. Consequently, Canada is an inexpensive place to study.