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Course Fees

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General Fees

Fee Calculator

Use our Online Fee Calculator to estimate how much your courses will cost. Please note that this does not factor in any special rates that apply to some specific students. To confirm your exact fees, please feel free to ask us for a quotation.

Free Online Currency Converter

Fees are in Canadian dollars. The Canadian dollar is low in relation to many other currencies. A Canadian dollar is worth approximately 95 US cents. Canada is an inexpensive place to study. Compare the Canadian dollar to other currencies with our free online currency converter

Lower Rates for Long-term Students

If you pay for 12 weeks or more of tuition, you will receive a reduced tuition rate. If you later extend your program for any length of time, you will be entitled to pay your tuition at the current reduced 12-week, 24-week, or 33-week rate. This also applies if you leave the school and return.

Methods of Payment

There are several easy ways to send your fees. See our Methods of Payment page for instructions.

Payment Notification

Please be sure to inform us when you have paid your fees.

Apply for Admission

The easiest way to apply for admission is with our online application form.

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