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TOEFL Preparation in Halifax

East Coast School Of Languagues Ltd
1526 Dresden Row, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J3K3 Canada
(902) 491-1526
Classification: TOEFL Preparation in Halifax Canada.

GEOS Language Academy
1949 Upper Water Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J3N3 Canada
(902) 423-9894
(902) 423-9896 (fax)
Classification: TOEFL Preparation in Halifax Canada.

International Language Institute
7071 Bayers Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3L2C2 Canada
(902) 429-3636
(902) 429-2900 (fax)
Classification: TOEFL Preparation in Halifax Canada.

YMCA Newcomer Centre
3663 Dutch Village Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3N2T1 Canada
(902) 457-9622
Classification: TOEFL Preparation in Halifax Canada.

TOEFL Preparation in Canada

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