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Vacation Study Program

The Vacation Study Program combines morning classes with afternoon sightseeing and leisure activities. At least one sightseeing activity is offered each weekend.

This program includes 15 hours of morning classroom instruction per week, as well as afternoon and weekend activities. Your Canadian family will help you improve your English and you will cherish your new friends and memories forever.
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  • As well as a variety of fun sightseeing excursions, our summer activities include many sports activities, such as hiking, beach volleyball and river rafting. From December to February, our winter activities include skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing.

    Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Canada, Vancouver English Centre offers a perfect environment in which to learn English quickly and enjoyably.

    Vancouver is one of the world?s cleanest, safest, and friendliest cities. The United Nations and the Corporate Resources Group have rated Vancouver as the nicest city in the world.

    We also offer a Vacation Study Program for families with children.

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