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The computer-based TOEFL test has four sections. The first two sections of the test - Listening and Structure - are computer-adaptive, meaning that you will receive test questions targeted to your performance level. In these two sections, your first question will be of average difficulty. The question you receive next will be one that best fits your performance and the design of the test. In the Listening and Structure sections, you will be able to change your answer as often as you like until you have made your final choice, confirmed your answer, and moved on to the next one. Once you move on to the next question, you will NOT be allowed to go back to a previous question. Your answer to each question presented on the screen helps determine the difficulty level of the next question you will be given.

The reading section measures your ability to read and understand passages in English. You will be tested on your comprehension of major ideas, important information, vocabulary, and relationships among ideas in the passage.

Time: 60 minutes  
Question types: -Facts and Details -Inference
  -Negative Facts -Purpose
  -Reference -Recognizing Paraphrase

Note: Students are allowed to go back and change answers if working on the same reading passage.

The listening section measures your ability to understand conversations and lectures in English. You will be tested on your comprehension of general ideas and supporting details of the conversations and lectures. You will also be asked to identify a speaker’s purpose in making a particular statement, and a speaker’s attitude toward a particular topic.
There are two conversations and four lectures in this section of the test.

Time: 40-50 minutes  
Question types: - Identifying the Topic and Main Idea - Listening for Details
  - Determining Attitude and Purpose - Making Inferences and Predictions
  - Categorizing Information - Summarizing a Process

Note: Students are allowed to takes notes and use those notes to answer questions.

The speaking section measures your ability to speak in English about a variety of topics. There are six questions in this section. All of he questions are about topics that are appropriate for international students.
You do not need any special knowledge of any subject to respond to the question.

Time: 20 minutes  
Question types: Independent Task Integrated Task
  - Talk about a familiar topic - 45 seconds reading        - 60 seconds to respond
  - 15 seconds to prepare - 1-2 minutes listening
  - 45 seconds to respond - 30 seconds to prepare

The writing section measures your ability to plan and write responses to questions in essay format. You must be able to select and convey relevant information, organize and support ideas, and demonstrate that you can use English effectively.

Time: 50 minutes  
Question types: Integrated Task Independent Tasks
  - 3 minutes reading - 30 minutes writing
  - 2-3 minutes listening  
20 minutes writing  

Note: You make take notes, and you may use your notes to help you respond to the tasks. However, at the end of the test you must give all your notes to the test supervisor. Your notes will not be scored. Only what you say during the recording time will be scored.

On the day of the test, you will be given a topic and will have 30 minutes to write an essay on that topic. Before the topic is presented, you must choose whether to type your essay on the computer or to hand write your essay on the answer sheet provided.

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