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Vancouver British Columbia

For ESL students, Vancouver British Columbia is ideal. The English spoken here is standard, proper, and easily understood everywhere. Vancouver is clean, safe and blessed with a year-round mild climate. It is also breathtakingly beautiful.

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and lush coastal mountains, Vancouver is a recreational paradise. It is just minutes from 8 beaches, 3 ski mountains, and Stanley Park's 1000 acres of verdant rainforest. Vancouver, the largest city in British Columbia, has all of the amenities of any world-class tourist destination. Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, our campus is surrounded by shops, malls, sports facilities, restaurants, and art galleries.

Vancouver - Best City in the Americas

In 2004, Condé Nast Traveler magazine voted Vancouver the "Best City in the Americas"
at its annual Readers' Choice Awards ceremony held in New York. Read more about
Vancouver, the top city in the Americas.

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