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TOEFL in Canada

Prepare for TOEFL at VEC

Some people think it is very hard to get a TOEFL score that is satisfactory for admission to universities in Canada and the United States. It is not that difficult to achieve a high TOEFL score.

Taking the TOEFL Test in Canada

Canada is an ideal place to prepare for the TOEFL test. The English in Canada is spoken with a very regular and easily understood accent. Also, the well-established English language education industry in Canada has attracted many gifted TOEFL teachers.

TOEFL Preparation Courses in Canada

VEC's TOEFL Preparation Program helps students qualify for admission to universities in Canada or the United States. We can prepare you to take the TOEFL test quickly and efficiently. Familiarize yourself with computer-based and Internet-based TOEFL testing in our well-equipped computer labs.

VEC also offers various other English language courses to improve our students' general English language skills.

Vancouver English Centre is an approved ETS-certified test center.

TOEFL in Canada

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